Threading is an ancient hair-removal technique, practiced for centuries among the most beautiful women of Asia and the Middle East. It is the best alternative to waxing and tweezing, especially for sensitive skin. A thin cotton thread and twists it into a double strand, which then is swept along the skin. With rhythmic – almost hypnotic – movement, the unwanted hairs are secured in the thread and lifted from the follicle with precision and finesse. It  is so precise it can even tackle the tiniest hairs. Our experienced estheticians who have been doing this for more than 10 years will make sure you get that perfect brows you are looking for.


To make sure we cover all skin types and reduce the risk of sensitivity to threading  we use 100% cotton organic thread.


With the use of top quality wax products, we provide tons of waxing services to our clients. Need that smooth body for a summer? We got you!.


Want a relaxing facial that provides a “me time feeling” and you walk out of here with a rejuvenated skin? Try our facial services. We use organic products and profession techniques which results in glowing and rejuvenated skin.